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Custom Nostalgia Pose 1) Strike A Pose. 2) Send Us Your Pics. 3) We Do The Rest!
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Custom Car Picture

Create a Personalized version of the famous NY Diner with You and Your Friends!

We offer personalized versions for "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" or any other artwork in our Gallery- with your face in the picture. Like one of our Diner scenes with Elvis and Marilyn Monroe? Imagine you and your friends in the scene! Turn your Life into Art and create the ultimate Gift or conversation piece. We can do the same thing with your classic car.

Each custom Car or Diner scene project we create is unique. For personalization they require specific photos you create with our instructions (angles and lighting). The photos we need can be taken with your iPhone. It's not difficult.

Pick a Restaurant or Diner from our Gallery and send us your photos...

Once we receive your photos our talented Artists will re-paint the Diner scene you select and create a new derivative artwork with your Face or Car in the picture. We'll send you a proof by email for acceptance. Once approved, we'll add special lighting effects (LEDs, Incandescent bulbs or Neon) to the artwork, frame the picture and deliver it to your home. Approximate time to complete is about a month. Give us a call at the Studio to discuss your ideas and vision. We'll come up with a plan together, give you a price and get started.

Talk to you soon!

Jerry Simpson
Electric Art
Drop us an Email or Call us at (702) 740-4100. We're open weekdays 9 to 5pm Pacific Time


Electric Art Pictures:

Black anodized aluminum picture frame.
12vdc wall adaptor included.
All pictures made in USA with UL safety approval.