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Dogs Playing Poker LED Wall Art

Five Dogs playing America's favorite game for all the chips. Companion artwork "Dogs Playing Pool" can be seen as art on the back wall. Framed picture with LED lighting effects by Electric Art. Tap or hover mouse over picture to see LED lights turn ON/OFF.

Neon Picture Lighting Effects: Miniature incandescent bulb in lamp fixture. Yellow LED lights around card table.

Size: 24" x 34" | Buy Now for $149.95

$149.95 24”x34”
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Creating Art with Lights:

Dogs Playing Poker is part of a series of paintingsby Cassius Marcellus Coolidge in 1894. The original purpose was for a cigar advertisement. This series of Kitsch artworks by Coolidge are part of a 18 piece collection created in the 1890s. All the artworks depict Five or Six dogs of various breeds playing pool or cards together. Over the years Coolidges' work has inspired a number of similar collections by other Artists.

Prior to creating his famous series Coolidge did not have a well known reputation. He wrote once that he was inspired by other Artists of his era including Cézanne and Caravaggio. And while Coolidge did not receive a great deal of publicity during his life his artworks did become popular and quite valuable in later years. One of them sold at Doyle New York's annual Dogs in Art Auction for a staggering $590,400.

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