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Yankee Stadium with LED lights

Yankee baseball Stadium in the Bronyx, New York: home to legends Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio and Reggie Jackson. Winners of 27 World Series titles. Framed art picture with LED lights from Electric Art.

LED Picture Lighting Effects: Red, Yellow and Green LED lights accent stadium signage and interior.

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$149.95 24”x34”
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Yankee Team Highlights Over The Years:

1920: Early superstars of the era Babe Ruth and Kenesaw Mountain Landis bring back excitement and legitimacy to major league baseball.

1923: In this era the Yankees break away from the pack and start to become one of baseball’s great dynasties.

1927: In the 1927 World Series, the Yankees swept the Pittsburgh Pirates. Known for their dominate player lineup they were nicknamed "Murderers' Row". History regards this team as one of the best ever.

1928: The year of Babe Ruth. After a lucrative salary negotiation the 'Babe' smashed his own home run record with 54 home runs. With the help of Lou Gehring they again won the World Series.

1932: The Yankees win another World Championship. Also the year of controversy made a pointing gesture to center field: where he promptly hit the ball.

1936: The New Yankee Juggernaut First-year star Joe DiMaggio upgrades the Yankees back to superpower status—and the start of an impressive dynasty.

1939: The swan song year for Lou Gehrig. After developing ALS disease Lou could no longer perform to standards and pulled himself out of the lineup—never to play again.

1949: Casey at the Helm The zany Casey Stengel silences the critics and embarks the New York Yankees on a long and fruitful dynasty.

1952: The Education of Mickey Mantle How the next in line to inherit the throne as the Yankees’ icon nearly caved under the pressure.

1956: Yankees again win the World Series with Don Larsen pitching the first perfect game in major league baseball history.

1961: The Greatest Feat Ever Performed* Roger Maris experiences a year of triumph and torment as he threatens Babe Ruth’s season home run record.

1965: The Fall of the Yankee Empire After decades at the top, the Yankees are brought down by a combination of old age, nagging injuries and arrogance.

1977: The first of back-to-back World Series wins with Reggie Jackson emerging as a superstar of the game.

1996: Managed by Joe Torre the Yankees rack up 92 season wins and go on to take the World Series.

2009: The unflattering story of Alex Rodriguez, one of Baseball’s biggest stars, comes to light as he admits to steroid abuse..

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